Diversity and ecology of wood-inhabiting aphyllophoroid basidiomycetes on fallen woody debris in various forest types in Switzerland


This study on the ecology of aphyllophoroid wood-inhabiting basidiomycetes in Switzerland showed a remarkably high species diversity of both saprophytes and mycorrhiza-forming species. Phlebiella vaga, a saprophytic species, and Amphinema byssoides, a mycorrhizal symbiont, were the two most abundant species. A total of 3339 samples of fungal fruitbodies in 86 plots distributed all over Switzerland belonged to 238 species. The five main biogeographical regions of Switzerland showed different pattern of fungal species richness: while the Plateau at lower altitudes was found to be rather rich, the Northern Alps and Central Alps, with the highest amount of forests cover, yielded less species. Although the Southern Alps exhibited the lowest species richness, this region harbours a specific species set. These findings encourage for further studies in Central Europe, where many species of aphyllophoroid wood-inhabiting basidiomycetes seem to be highly under-investigated.


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